HIRALIY 24 Pack Nylon Badminton Shuttlecocks Birdies, Baseball/Softball Batting Training High Speed Badminton Balls with Stable & Durable, Ideal Hitting Practice for Youth Players Indoor and Outdoor

  • NEW USAGE:We know you may be confused about how can birdies be applied to baseball batting training.Actually many pros hit birdies for warm-up. It is a fun, efficient and economic drill, particularly suitbale for indoor practice
  • ENHANCE BATTING TIMING ACCURACY: You can throw birdies to your player, simulating different pitching trajectory and speed, so that they can practice different speeds and movements and improve their timing
  • IMPROVED HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Since the cork base of birdies is small, your players should keep concentration on the trajectory of birdies and hit on the sweet spot, which will help improve their hand-eye coordination
  • EASY AND FUN TO USE: It doesn’t matter if you are a professional coach or good pticher, HIRALIY shuttlecocks will make toss easy. You can get batting practice indoor without worring about doing damage to your house
  • Our nylon shuttlecocks can also be used for badminton amateur training and outdoor recreation. [24 pack in a box] is highly cost-effective
Published on: April 15, 2020

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FeaturesMaterial: Nylon feather + complexcork head​Size: 3.1″ * 2.6″Weight: 6g / 0.22ozThe nylon feather will improve durability while the complexcork head increase stability in flight, which enables the product to bear repeated hitsImprove Batting Timing AccuracyBirdies can be pitched to players, simulating different pitching trajectory and speed. By this way, players are able to practice their stance, swing angle and improve their timingEnhance Hand-Eye CoordinationSince the head of birdie is small, players should keep concentration on the trajectory of birdie and hit on the sweet spot. Once the ball is hitted properly, it will fly far away like a home run, giving players the positive response of proper hit
How to Pitch The Shuttlecock1. Pinch the head of birdie2. Aim the position you want to pitch to3. Throw it like pitching a real baseballTip: No suitable for outdoor windy days because wind will affect the trajectory of birdiesPackage IncludedCome with 24 shuttlecocks in a box.Attention: The external packing is a box instead of two tubes for environmental protectionCan Be Used for BadmintonThese nylon shuttlecocks can also work for recreation badminton and amateur training. 24 birdies in each pack is highly cost-effective for long-term use